Normal People? The Novels of Sally Rooney (Andrew Jones)Listen now (81 min) | Andrew Jones, Vicar of Grace Church Hackney
Living in Harmony: What music can teach us about community (Jonno Saunders)Listen now (106 min) | Jonno Saunders, musician
Who do people say I am? The representations of Christ in cinema (Arthur Metz)Listen now (96 min) | Arthur Metz, Dutch L'Abri worker
Finding our place in a groaning creation (Dr Richard Gunton)Listen now (81 min) | Dr Richard Gunton, lecturer in Statistics at the University of Winchester
The future of dating and romantic relationships (Josué Reichow)Listen now (98 min) | Josué Reichow, L’Abri worker
Sweat, Smile, Repeat: Christian faith in times of health and well-being (Lili Reichow)Listen now (86 min) | Lili Reichow, L'Abri Worker
Men and Mercy: An evangelical Christian root of modern masculinities (Dr Philip Sampson, fellow at the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics)Listen now (92 min) | The return to the biblical text in England from the late sixteenth century challenged the then current expectations of masculine…
Francis Schaeffer's concerns for the church— forty years on (Barry Seagren)Listen now (78 min) | Barry Seagren, former L'Abri worker
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