The Race to Connectedness (Priscilla Leigh)Listen now | A Biblical framework on how to talk about race
Redeeming Love: Authority and Freedom For the Children’s Sake (Merran Paul)Listen now | Merran Paul

February 2023

The Arts as a Means to Love (Mary McCampbell)Listen now | Mary McCampbell
A Wild Whisper of Something Originally Wise (Mark Meynell)Listen now | Mark Meynell
What has Christianity ever done for us? (Peter Merz)Listen now | Peter Merz

January 2023

When the person becomes a soul (Jim Paul)Listen now | Jim Paul
Three Theories of EverythingListen now | Ellis Potter
Smuggling Jesus Back Into the Church (Andrew Fellows)Listen now | Andrew Fellows
Defending Pluralism vs. Nurturing Solidarity? Speaking from Faith Without Destroying Society (Dr. Jonathan Chaplin)Listen now | Dr. Jonathan Chaplin, Cambridge University
The Changing Purpose of Education through History (Peter Merz)Listen now | Peter Merz, L'Abri Worker

October 2022

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Commitment: The joys of loving something in particular (Joel Barricklow)Listen now | Joel Barricklow, L'Abri Worker